fun days- post 1

Activity 1; One time I was sitting on my couch, and I was texting on my phone. And I use some guy´s picture off of Instagram to express myself. Well.. the thing is, I say that is my picture, And about a week later, we hear a knock on our door. I looked out the wind ow to see a furious man. He went up to me, and right when I realized that was his picture. And he lifted a weapon right above his head right when…That day forward, I learned to not steal any one else´s picture. Mainly to not get my head broken open again. Now you should not play with any one else´s picture without knowing what your getting into.This is help full because you need to know what your getting into when you just go using others pictures, videos and not knowing whether or not they are safe or not. so, next time you want to see others pictures, search who made it, and put their own name on it. I feel very confident about telling you this because this paragraph could not be any more simple about being careful with the internet and understanding the consequences of doing that.

Part b;   Life, life and how it means so much to me,                             

 Life can sometimes feel                                                                                                                     

sad, but at least                                                                                                                     

   you know it is o.k to feel bad.                                                                                 

Life can be good in every way                                                                                                                                               

  try to be glad today                                    

and how it can make you so happy.

And when you really think about life,

it can make you feel really nice


Controlled burn.

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