Travel! by; Weston


               Haiwee and the Sierra Nevada Patrick Maloney via Compfight

 When I grow up, I want to go on a vacation to a beach in Hawaii, and stay in a  motel that outlooks the whole beach.

I also am hoping to get a condo of some sort while, I am down there, enjoying the wonderful vacation

I had just planned. I will go down there to see many plays, shows, and many more things that attract

spectators all around the world, for them to come, and see. 


When I go down to the wonderful place, I do not want to come back there, and forget I ever went there.

INSTEAD, I thought that It would be better to bring something back so that I would remember the place,

and how, I had a great time. I should not try to bring home any edible stuff, because that would either

attract mice or rodents, or I would eat the stuff right away. So, maybe i will think a little more about the souvenir.


As I go to the place, I would try to not worry If I forgot anything. So another, and the final thing that I wanted

to talk about was the way I would pack, and the way I would organize my stuff. I would put the stuff that I

needed most importantly in the front, just in case I needed the stuff. I would try to put my fragile stuff in the

middle , so that it would not break and my least fragile stuff in the out side. This is how it would be if I went on vacation.Were would you go on vacation?

My Project

The major goal that we have accomplished is were actually starting the project. We so far have done my yard, and have been paid about 10 to 15 dollars. Plus in the next two weeks, our goal is to have raised over 25 dollars . In the process, by the January we want to also have raised 50 dollars. So we can buy some sporting goods. This weekend, we also want to raise some money with doing the yards. 

Our December goals are our project to have raised about 45 dollars and to start on and do at least 9 yards. We will achieve these goals by focusing, on what we are doing. We will also have to stay on task, and always stay on what we were originally doing.  

Old little rakes




My favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas so much, because the holiday can bring back many memories.

Byblos Tree, Lebanon  The things I remember on a Christmas week are honoring to me. I was in kindergarten, and was sitting down at a table, and to see my guardian/parent walk into the room, grab me by the arm and said that he needed to talk to me, and my siblings back at my grandmas´s house. And he told me and my other siblings what had happened to my birth mom. It was very sad, that my mom had pasted away. Shortly after.. so did my dad. I really am just sad after that, but stay positive. So, I just remember that, in honor of my birth mom.


A second reason that I truly appreciate Christmas is because, of how my birth dad would always make these good cookies. The cookies were sugar cookies topped with this green icing, and this red icing. Plus, he had always put little people made out of icing on the cookies too. My dad had made these cookies with lots of love. And one time when he went on and tried to make one with a edible picture that had my birth mom on it, and I went crazy. Ever since that day, I have tried to keep quiet about this nonsense. And I hope you can keep It private too. And, next time you experience something like this, you can always share it too.


My third, and finial reason I love Christmas is because, I have always had a song, sang to me on this day. I usually have been sang the jingle bells, or maybe the Santa clause is coming tonight, or something like that. But the main song that brings back the most memories is the song the silent night song. There is one thing I have really stuck in my head that I will never forget, that I was accepted into a family. And with these three reasons, I can really describe the way I feel About my favorite season, Christmas. And now, I hope you go on to share your favorite holidays too, like I just did. Thank you for listening to what I have to say.

20% Project

Evidence of Yard Work

My group is going to help the community by doing yard work for people and with the money,  we are going to buy toys for the homeless-shelter. We have  been working hard to get this accomplishment complete, but we think the community will surely accept it.My group is all ready and prepared, and we have already made a flyer. Our group knows this will benefit the kids,that are receiving these toys and sporting goods. Our group also can benefit the adults, even if they only watch the kids play, it will still be a fun experience.We hope to start before December. We also hope to do your yard!

I am feeling three different emotions from this project, The three are, worried, anxious, and possibly irritated.I feel worried, because at first, my mom was telling us of how we don´t have much time to get this accomplished, and she did not think we would make it. I was also feeling anxious because I just was rushing , and wanted to get this finished, and how we were getting little done each time we met up to talk. Finally, I was feeling irritated because, Every time I said something to my group, like ´´you are in charge of this´´ or I ever gave them a task, they would refuse, and not do it.

Our goal was to make at least  $300 or more in November. We will  start as soon as possible to get to 300$, and we will also start in my yard. Our plan is, to now make a flyer, and give them out, and to then go around, doing yard work. With the money, we will buy sporting goods, and donate them to the homeless shelter. Thank you for listening to my blog.

See my Visual Aide for more information.


The school day goes 7:00, to about 3:00 ,and I have 7 periods. School can be fun, but it is tiring when you have no breaks. But, at gray, you have a locker break right                  Brisbane. The Mansions. Six joined terrace houses built by three politicians in 1889. Adorned on the ends with cat gargoyles .

after 1st period, and right before 4th period. That is not all, we also have lunch break,

and advisory.  Some of my classes I think of as fun, like the gym, and pbl , all of the others

I just think as other classes that I do, but do not like that much at all.                                                                                                                                      In the school year, the days we have a year, are about 200 days in the year.Cosmo and Wanda - The helpful cats - Sunday October 8th, 2017

The seasons that we have are, every season in school year, and I also have

social studies, ELA, PBL, math and science as my subjects. At school, we don’t have

free time. And if we ever do, we are lucky, and we only get about 20 minutes of resess. We never

have resess, because, we are always busy doing work. We might have the free time once a term, but that is it.

Any way, school is fun any way with out the free time.            And the problem that I have out side of school, is my

dad drove over my mail box, and it was expensive. And I am going to help my dad put it back up, and my plan

is to give up money that I make from stuff, to him. My plan is to get the money from my 20% project that I made 

from doing yard work, and give that money to him to help pay for the mail box.       

This mail box is a mail box that my family has had ever since we first moved in. And we hope this

project will benefit him. So,I will help him get the mail box fixed, repaired, and ready to use again,

with our neighbor’s help. And the neighbor whom is going to help us with this is going to be helping

us with this is, Mr.Jerry, one of the best neighbors that we have.


 If I were principal for a week, I would give the students candy every day. Plus, no matter what, I

would give them a’s on all of their tests.

I would give them various learning opportunities. I would reward them every time they even picked

up a pencil. I would do that, because I would watch the kinder-gardeners.


If I were teacher for a week, then I would be sitting back,

answering kids’s questions. And I would be giving them candy.

To me, a teacher in my past, has only given candy, and

answered their  questions.





Time with friends

21136 Minecraft Ocean Monument - P1060777 - Elder Guardian FrontCreative Commons License Brickset via Compfight

My blog post 1 is about what I do when I am playing with my friends. So, in the time I am playing with my friends up to the time I am in bed is possibly 4 hours apart. What I usually do when I am with my friends is playing soccer, and basket ball, and even playing mine craft.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Soccer and Basket Ball are active things that you are running around for, and actually getting exercise. While Mine Craft is only just sitting on your couch playing that same, old game. But sometimes you can find it pretty fun. All these are the things that I like to do while I am with my friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      But wait, theirs more. Also, while i get the chance to play with my friends, it might not always be just playing mine-craft. Some times it is playing out side, and when we don’t feel like doing any thing, we sit and talk on the driveway. The things we do might not sound fun, but to me, they are a sweet use of time. Thank you for listening of what I do with my friends.

Blog post 2

Controlled burn.

  There was a man named Charles. Charles like to eat apples. One day, he was out eating a apple when all of a sudden, a huge wild cat jumped out of the bushes to take his apple when it clawed him on the face. He screamed in pain, just as you watch the man scream, the wild cat struck him one more time and now, he was hitting the cat back with his bare hands. After an hour of fighting, they were both getting worn out. Another good ten minutes, and the-

What do you think happened next?

Pouring of the Mixture anzac bikkie mixMini Chocolate-Cherry Cheesecake Tart


2015-12-13 december cookies, coolingHomemade chocolate and cream cake, close up

  • Make batter, and pour batter
  • mix batter
  • pour into cupcake pans
  • stick in oven
  • ENJOY!!



fun days- post 1

Activity 1; One time I was sitting on my couch, and I was texting on my phone. And I use some guy´s picture off of Instagram to express myself. Well.. the thing is, I say that is my picture, And about a week later, we hear a knock on our door. I looked out the wind ow to see a furious man. He went up to me, and right when I realized that was his picture. And he lifted a weapon right above his head right when…That day forward, I learned to not steal any one else´s picture. Mainly to not get my head broken open again. Now you should not play with any one else´s picture without knowing what your getting into.This is help full because you need to know what your getting into when you just go using others pictures, videos and not knowing whether or not they are safe or not. so, next time you want to see others pictures, search who made it, and put their own name on it. I feel very confident about telling you this because this paragraph could not be any more simple about being careful with the internet and understanding the consequences of doing that.

Part b;   Life, life and how it means so much to me,                             

 Life can sometimes feel                                                                                                                     

sad, but at least                                                                                                                     

   you know it is o.k to feel bad.                                                                                 

Life can be good in every way                                                                                                                                               

  try to be glad today                                    

and how it can make you so happy.

And when you really think about life,

it can make you feel really nice


Controlled burn.

My Avatar

Hello, my name is Weston. I have a cool Avatar, it is a boy, with an elephant trunk, and a zebra- tail, and much more! It is fun to be able to have the ability to create such a cool avatar. In my own opinion, I would say that has been the funniest thing I have ever made. I feel proud to call this my avatar. It has took me a while to be able to do such a thing. I will just say, I am very proud of this Master work of art. As you know, it might look dumb, but inside it is not. I will now show my work of art.

Build Your Wild Self

About Me!!!

Hello, my name is Weston. I like several things that make me happy. One of the things that I mostly desire is, soccer,volleyball,and baseball. But, I can only play if I keep my B game witch is an b average or better! Soccer can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work. To keep a good pace, it is also important to keep your friends, and some one whom is willing to stand up for your friend and take their consequences. I am a person who believes in friendship. This is the blog, ABOUT ME. 

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